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We are a 20,000 sq. ft facility located near West Palm Beach City Place. Our retail store is one of the largest in Florida. Our range is 80 ft. long and allows practicing any firearms. With a school capacity of 40 students we offer a tremendous variety of training courses taught by combat veterans and law enforcement individuals. All our instructors are NRA, Military or Law Enforcement certified. We offer a unique laser training system with over 600 scenarios that civilians and professionals can use to learn survival techniques and how to stay safe. The same system is used by Law Enforcement and other government agencies to train their personnel. Our airsoft arena is yet another place to sharpen your skills.

5 thoughts on “Home

  1. I was in your new state of the art range on Tuesday, want personally thank Dominick for the grand tour and also his service to this country, he took me through the laser target acquisition range with IDPA, personal defensive scenarios and hunting, tremendous almost real time teaching tool, impressive inventory of handguns, long guns and every accessory imaginable. Again thanks, I started to spread the word on what you are offering the public, in fact I’m bringing my brother down to see it next week, seeing is believing ….good luck with this new project ….


  2. Enough of the Big Box stores where upon inquiring about a Single Action Army the young man behind the counter asked me “… Is that a pistol?”
    I’ve now visited your new shop enough to know that you guys (Alex and Chris especially!) are extremely knowledgeable in all things gun.
    I’m equally impressed with your full service approach that ranges from an incredible inventory, to personal firearms defense classes, to high tech scenario laser training as well as a well thought out shooting/training range.
    Alex is very eager to please and if he doesn’t have it he will give you a big smile and say (… “I can have it here in three days!”.


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