During this course students will learn to use a handgun at expert’s levels. Also will learn how to use of the firearm to the best tactical advantage, Close Contact, Use of Cover and Concealment, Shooting around Barricades, Shooting on the Move, Hostage Rescue, Clearing Malfunctions while on the move, Malfunctions and Reloads with Firing Hand only, Malfunctions and Reloads with Support Hand only, Shooting drills Firing hand only, Shooting Drills Support hand only, Low Light shooting and Flashlight Techniques, Room and House Clearing, Difficult shooting positions, Moving Targets, Live Fire shooting Scenarios.

Graduating from the The Skill and Proficiency test in the Defensive Pistol course (16 hrs) is required to enroll in this class.

Duration: 16 hrs
Tuition: $550



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