After completion, the student will have the skills and proficiency surpassing 90% of the gun owner population.

This course will take you from the very basics to seriously advanced level of the lawful use of a Handgun for defense purposes. Subjects covered: Universal Safety Rules, Know your Gun, Loading and Unloading, Grip and Stance, Basic Elements of Marksmanship, Speed vs Accuracy, How to read your target, Presentation from the holster, Controlled pairs vs Double Taps, Tactical and Emergency Reload, How to Clear Malfunctions, After action Drills, Time Pressure Drills, Failure to Stop, Head Shots, Presentation from concealment and a lot live fire practice.

Also students will attend the eye opening lecture The Color Code of Mental Awareness.

Graduating from this course is mandatory prerequisite for enrolling into Advanced Tactical Pistol and Advanced Force on Force courses.

The last section of the course is the Skill and Proficiency Test .


Duration: 16 hrs
Tuition: $550 (Special discount if class is reserved at the time of gun purchase)



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