At the completion of this class, the student will learn the 4 Universal Safety Rules. Get familiar with your gun, Ways to carry a rifle, Different Slings, Loading and Unloading, Grip and Stance, Elements of Marksmanship, Different Ready Positions, Speed vs Accuracy, How to read your target, Zeroing your Rifle, Tactical and Emergency Reload, How to Clear Malfunctions, After action Drills, Different Shooting Positions, Ballistics Overview, Time Pressure Drills and Lots of Live Fire Drills!

Also students will attend the eye opening lecture of The Color Code of Mental Awareness.

Completion of the Practical Rifle Course is a prerequisite to enroll into the  Advanced Rifle.

Duration: 16 hrs
Tuition: $550

(Special discount if class is reserved at the time of gun purchase)



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